About Us

The Association has strived over the years to defend  the interests  of the Bar, to  take up issues concerning administration of justice and providing services to the High Court Bar

The  first association of  Advocates that was formed after liberation of Goa was the Goa , Daman & Diu Advocates Association in the year 1967.  Goa was then still  part of the Union Territory of Goa , Daman & Diu. The Goa, Daman & Diu Advocates Association was the representative  of the Bar throughout the Union Territory.  The establishment of the Goa Bench of the High Court of Bombay on 30th October, 1982  was a watershed event in the legal history of Goa.  In less than five years thereafter came another defining  moment  in Goa’s history when on  30th May, 1987 , with the passing of the Goa Daman & Diu Re-Organization Act, 1987 the High Court of Bombay became the common High Court for the States of Maharashtra and Goa and the Union Territories of  Dadra & Nagar Havli & Daman & Diu. The High Court Bar was growing in the intervening years and an Association to represent the High Court Bar exclusively became a felt necessity.  Out of this was born the Goa High Court Bar Association on 11 February, 1988 when it was inaugurated after subscribing to the Memorandum of Association & Bye Laws on 11-01-1988.  Senior Advocate  Shri M. S. Usgaonkar was the first President of the Association. 

     For some years initially, the membership of the Association was restricted to those ordinarily practicing in the High Court of Bombay at Goa for a period of ten years. A subsequent amendment  to the Constitution threw the membership of the Association open to all Advocates ordinarily practicing at the Goa seat of the Bombay High Court for three years.  The  Association has  thus become more representative of the High Court Bar, more particularly its junior members. The Association has been striving over the years to defend  the interests  of the Bar, to  take up issues concerning administration of justice and providing services to the High Court Bar , such as building a well stocked Bar library, supplemented in recent years by an e-library; periodically holding  conferences and  organizing  lectures on legal subjects for the benefit of the Bar members  generally and particularly for its junior  members.  The Association also strives to provide infrastructural facilities to its members of the Bar and also to the litigating public. With the recent inauguration of the new High Court complex at Porvorim a greater space and more facilities  have become available to the Bar, the Association renews its resolve to expand its activities.  On 26th November every year, the Association has been  hosting  annual  Constitution Day lectures by  distinguished counsels or legal scholars. The Association will be inaugurating its official website  on this Year’s Constitution Day  and  will follow it up with regular publication of a law journal in print.

     The Association is enthused by the co-operation it has been receiving  from all section of Bar for all it endeavours, which it gratefully acknowledges and looks forward to such co-operation for all its future activities.