Message from Justice Mahesh S. Sonak

I wish the Goa High Court Bar Association the greatest success in their worthy endeavor at the launching of “On and Off the Record” Digital Magazine. 

The hardest step in such endeavors is usually the first one of launching it, and you have already taken it. I am quite sure that from here on, things will only get progressively easier.

Your magazine, I am informed, is poised to inform, illuminate and instruct the intellect. This is most welcome, particularly if our legal fraternity is to intellectually and creatively flourish. Pray, do not be deterred by any initial limitations. Remember always that most often it is the limited space that generates unlimited creativity. As Tina Brown once remarked “a magazine – a relevant one – should be sound, not an echo.”

History bears witness that the greatest tragedy of any generation is not the clamour of its villains but the appalling silence of its good people. As good and learned people, it is indeed heartening that you have resolved to speak.

Again, I wish the Association so ably led by Senior Advocate J. E. Coelho Pereira and the editorial team equally ably led by Senior Advocate R. G. Ramani, the very best at this momentous launch. 

Justice M. S. Sonak